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Summer Lake Activities and Watersports in Alaska

Imagine your favorite lake activities set in a picturesque setting—that’s what is in store for you when you visit Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in the summer. With the especially long daylight hours, watersports are a fantastic summer highlight to add to your Alaskan family vacation. Enjoy lake activities like canoeing, wake surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, foil boarding, and more—all included in your stay at our one-of-a-kind lodge.

Watersports Paradise in Alaska at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Get ready to do just about anything you’ve dreamed of in Alaska, from water skiing, to SUPing, and more.

the dock at tordrillo mountain lodge filled with lake sports paddle boarding at sunset with an airplane on judd lake kayaking through a pool of salmon on judd lake paddleboarding on judd lake as the sun sets a man canoeing at sunset on judd lake

Alaska Summer Watersports on Judd Lake

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is located on the banks of both the rushing waters of Talachulitna River and the peaceful waters of Judd Lake. Within eyeshot of both bodies of water are two 11,000-foot volcanoes and Denali, North America’s tallest peak. Judd Lake is a gorgeous body of water that provides a great location for fishing, wildlife viewing, birding, and of course, watersports.

Watersports for All Ages

There’s something for everyone on Judd Lake. At Tordrillo Mountain lodge, we have kid-friendly activities like swimming, canoeing, inflatable kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, and for the more adventurous, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, foilboarding, and more. All watersports are included in our reservation rate. All of the lake-based activities and river activities are an ideal experience for families and first-timers alike and are included with every Tordrillo Mountain Lodge reservation. Come enjoy the water with us!

A young boy wakeboarding on Judd Lake in the summer.
an electric foil board sitting on a dock at tordrillo mountain lodge


Is it a surfboard? Is it a jet ski? Is it a paddleboard? No, it’s eFoil boarding and it’s not like any water sport you’ve ever seen. Cruise around beautiful Judd Lake on our five all-electric, silent boards that range from 5ft to 6ft and can be customized with different wing sizes to allow different body types and abilities. We’ll have guests up and gliding within an hour and it’s friendly for ages 12 years and up. No experience needed, just the desire for an experience unlike any other.


Learn more about our other summer activities and the views of Alaskan wildlife near Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

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What Others Are Saying

“It’s crazy that at Tordrillo at this time of year, it is light at 10:00 p.m. The magic hour starts close to midnight, as the light softens and a surreal glow bathes the Alaskan peaks. Your connection to nature is intensified as you share ski turns, laughter and maybe even a glass of Dom Perignon or a Macallan 30-year-old whisky while seated on a mountain peak with friends.”

— SNOW Magazine

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