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Alaska Helicopter Tours

Are you up for an adventure up in the air? Enjoy a thrilling helicopter tour of Alaskan tundra during your stay at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. When you add a guided Alaskan sky trek to your vacation itinerary, you have the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled views of Alaska’s most stunning nature and wildlife. You’ll even be able to physically explore certain parkland that would be inaccessible without helicopter access. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime and reach out to Tordrillo to add an Alaska helicopter tour to your trip today!

flight see through the tordrillo mountains a passenger and pilot fly in a helicopter above the triumvirate glacier a helicopter sits in a valley within the tordrillo mountains after taking clients hiking flying through the tordrillo mountains in the winter a helicopter and its pilot sits under a waterfall in the tordrillo mountains a man out exploring a glacier by helicopter in the tordrillo mountains

Take Your Vacation to New Heights

What is sky trekking? Sky trekking enables you to get a bird’s eye view of some of the most breathtaking and remote terrain in Alaska. If you’re adventurous in spirit and interested in a helicopter tour that will take you to the far reaches of Alaska, sky trekking will make a great addition to your trip. Our staff will work with you to build an amazing sky trekking itinerary, based on your interests, which will be sure to maximize your time in the Alaska wilderness. We will also arrange accommodations in the surrounding parks from Tordrillo Mountain Lodge if needed.

Custom Itineraries for Helicopter Tours

Sky trekking trips are custom in nature and require planning that our experienced staff is happy to assist with. An additional option you can choose is to take a 2 hour flight to the historic Sheldon Chalet. This property is in the middle of the Denali National Park and we have been given permission to land by helicopter on the front landing deck! You will not believe your eyes with the amazing views of Denali and the park that surround you.

Ask about a combined trip with 3 days at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge and 3 days at Sheldon Chalet – the Alaskan adventure of a lifetime!


Learn more about the thrills of helicopter tours and views of Alaskan wildlife near Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

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Alaska Helicopter Tours FAQs

  • How safe are helicopter tours in Alaska?

    Safety is the top priority at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. All helicopters are FAA inspected, certified, and fully insured. You can feel assured flying with us is very safe.

  • Are helicopter tours worth it?

    Helicopter tours of Alaska are absolutely worth it. You get the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled views of Alaska’s most stunning nature and wildlife.

What Others Are Saying

“All of it serves as a launchpad for the supersize recreation that awaits in the Alaskan bush and the requisite decompressing that follows… It’s not just fly-fishing, it’s heli-fly-fishing. It’s not just hiking, it’s walking on the state’s third largest glacier. They’re not just cocktails, they’re margaritas made with 2,000-year-old glacial ice…The opportunities are many; the agenda is up to the guest.”

— Modern Luxury

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