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Heli Hiking in Alaska

We don’t believe that you should have to work hard for a beautiful view, which is why we have added heli hiking to our repertoire of Alaskan adventure activities. From Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, our experienced guides will make your vacation even more memorable by taking you to the most spectacular hiking sites in Alaska. Book your trip, pack your things, and let us whisk you away to the nearby surrounding mountain environments that offer an abundance of hikes that would otherwise be inaccessible. You’ll experience a variety of adventure hiking activities to keep you active and entertained during your stay in our luxury wilderness lodge.

a man hiking along the trimble glacier in the tordrillo mountains a man hiking above the triumvirate glacier in the tordrillo mountains a man running in front of the triumvirate glacier in the tordrillo mountains a man walks through an ice field in the tordrillo mountains a couple walks through a field of fireweed above the triumvirate glacier in the tordrillo mountains a man out exploring a glacier by helicopter in the tordrillo mountains a helicopter with tordrillo mountain lodge parked over the trimble glacier a couple explores icebergs in the tordrillo mountains a woman overlooks the capps glacier in the tordrillo mountains

Heli Hiking in Alaska for All Experience Levels

Our heli hiking opportunities include options for all levels of experience, whether you want to explore wide-open meadows of wildflowers or hike several miles of aggressive vertical gain. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you may choose a full day hike, or explore several areas for heli hiking opportunities offering varied landscapes and panoramic views of the world. If it’s glaciers you’re after, we have access to some of the biggest glaciers in all of Alaska. We can explore many of these ice masses with crampons and ropes and discover moulins (massive glacial sinkholes), ice caves, and crevasses.


Sky Trekking: Helicopter Tours Over Alaska’s National Parks

Although we handpick our top seasonal adventures for your Tordrillo Mountain Lodge trip, the Southcentral Region offers unlimited possibilities for experiencing the natural history that makes it one of the most sought-out destinations in the world. A number of adventures are included in each stay, but we offer add-on expeditions to explore all that Alaska has to offer. Brooks Camp at Katmai National Park & Preserve, known for the most impressive, up-close bear viewing in the world, is a short flight from the lodge. Flightseeing over Denali National Park and around the summit of Denali is 40 minutes from our front door, and on your way there you see the Tordrillos, a volcanic range that also has unending glaciers and dramatic views of surreal spires and peaks.

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a passenger and pilot fly in a helicopter above the triumvirate glacier the view through the window in the turbine otter flight see through the tordrillo mountains flying over the susitna river during the fall flying through the tordrillo mountains in the winter flying through the tordrillo mountains in the summer while the highest peaks still have snow


Learn more about the thrills of heli hiking and views of Alaskan wildlife near Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

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“All of it serves as a launchpad for the supersize recreation that awaits in the Alaskan bush and the requisite decompressing that follows… It’s not just fly-fishing, it’s heli-fly-fishing. It’s not just hiking, it’s walking on the state’s third largest glacier. They’re not just cocktails, they’re margaritas made with 2,000-year-old glacial ice…The opportunities are many; the agenda is up to the guest.”

— Modern Luxury

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