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Experience Luxury Fishing in Alaska

Explore Alaskan fishing in the Tordrillo Mountains. Whether you’re looking for the quintessential salmon fishing tour or an adventurous heli fishing trip like no other, our fishing guides are here to give you the luxury fishing trip of a lifetime.

Heli Fishing in Alaska

A helicopter fishing trip is a one-of-a-kind way to find the perfect spot to cast your line. With the knowledge of our expert guides, anglers of all levels can explore the many waterways surrounding the lodge by heli-accessed wade or float fishing trips. Our remote rivers offer private water and abundant fish—the perfect ingredients for a quintessential Alaskan fishing day.

Fishing Alaska at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Get a quick look at the heli fishing experience in the wilds of Alaska at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

an shot of a man fishing on judd lake from above two people holding a rainbow trout on the talchalitna river a man holding a rainbow trout on the talchalitna river casting for trout on coal creek a kid catches a king salmon on the talchalitna river a helicopter comes to to pick up a group of fisherman a person catching a rainbow trout in the tordrillo mountains

Fishing in the Tordrillo Mountains

The Tordrillo Mountains are home to many rivers and streams, which serve as sanctuaries to a variety of freshwater species. Aboard a helicopter, it only takes a few minutes to reach some of the richest fishing holes in this remote area.

In almost 20 years of heli fishing these streams, we still rarely compete with other anglers when fishing by helicopter for all five species of Pacific Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, and Grayling. Our fishing guides pride themselves in staking out territory that, without their inside knowledge, would be impossible to find. Read our ultimate guide to fishing in Alaska.

Private Fishing Trips with Experienced Guides

Our fleet of helicopters gives us the advantage of landing on otherwise-inaccessible riverbanks and shoals, meaning you’ll never compete for shoulder room—or fish. We can tailor each day of fishing based on what’s running at various drainages and streams. If nothing’s hitting, we’re onto the next spot.

Enjoy Alaska’s legendary freshwater fishing with our knowledgeable and experienced fishing guides. Contact us today to inquire about our summer fishing packages.

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catching rainbows on the talchalitna river alaska

Fishing & Skiing

Cast and carve your way through the day under the midnight sun. In June and July, when Alaska gets up to 22 hours of daylight, the adventures awaiting you are as endless as the day. Our Kings and Corn program gives visitors the unique experience of heli skiing corn snow in the morning and fishing for the legendary Alaska king salmon at night.

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Fishing in Alaska FAQs

  • What fish can you catch in Alaska during summer?

    During the summer in Alaska you can fish for a variety of salmon and trout, including Alaskan King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon, and Rainbow Trout. Learn more about fishing in Alaska here.

  • Do you need a fishing license in Alaska?

    A fishing license is required to participate in sport fishing in the state, but most licenses can easily be obtained online. In addition to your license, a harvest record card is required for any species with an annual limit.

  • How much is a fishing license in Alaska?

    Nonresident sport fishing licenses range in price from $25 for a one-day license, $45 for a three-day license, $70 for a seven-day license, $105 for a 14-day license, and $145 for an annual license. You can buy your fishing license here—you’ll just need your state-issued driver’s license or ID and a form of payment to complete the purchase.


Learn more about casting your line in the Alaskan backcountry.

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Landing your first king salmon is a life-changing experience. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge supplies high-tech waders and fishing gear, then it’s time to hook up. All five species of Pacific Salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic char, and more fill the remote streams and rivers accessed via helicopter.”

— SNOW Magazine

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