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Tordrillo Range, Alaska

Summer in Alaska.

Your Summer Adventure Awaits.

Alaska summers are special. The skies are a brilliant blue, the sun ceases to set and the colors of wild flowers and lush forests form a postcard-worthy landscape. Come alone or as a group, it does not matter. Choose from fishing, hiking on glaciers or whitewater rafting. We offer multi-sport options that are sure to please the experienced adventure traveler.


  • World-class fishing
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Glacier hikes
  • Alpine hikes
  • Helicopter tours
  • River kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Wake boarding
  • Foil boading
  • Sporting clays and range shooting
  • Rock climbing
  • Ice climbing
  • Fat tire mountain biking on ridge lines and glaciers

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Summer Adventure
We are currently taking bookings for 2017 Summer Adventure Packages.

If you would like to BOOK A TRIP or discuss the package offerings, please call or email and a reservationist will follow up with you shortly.
Telephone: 907-569-5588 | Email: [email protected]

Kings & Corn
We are currently taking bookings for 2018 Kings & Corn Packages.

If you would like to BOOK A TRIP or discuss the package offerings, please call or email and a reservationist will follow up with you shortly.
Telephone: 907-569-5588 | Email: [email protected]

Kings & Corn

We know we’re not supposed to pick favorites, but after 15 years of skiing corn snow in the morning and fishing for king salmon at night, it is pretty difficult not to love Kings and Corn.

kings and corn

Kings and Corn: cast and carve your way through the day with summer heli skiing plus guided fly-in fishing for the legendary Alaska king salmon at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska. With the June midnight sun, the action doesn’t stop unless you want it to. All of Kings and Corn’s adventures are just a short heli ride from the front door of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, perched at the headwaters of the prolific Talachulitna River.Corn snow, the result of melt-freeze cycles, is ideal for Alaska heli skiing and boarding–it even holds up well in our margaritas. Pebble-size kernels of softening ice have a soft carve able surface and our guides are experienced harvesters who know how to predict the best timing for the best locations. Count on corn runs during the morning hours, or at the end of the day, after the cooling has refrozen the round crystals. One Kings and Corn highlight is experiencing a carve able surface for T-shirt skiing in 75 degrees.

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Package includes:• Transportation from The Anchorage International Airport to The Hotel Captain Cook

• The evening prior to your flight to TML, one double occupancy room night at The Hotel Captain Cook

• Round Trip Flight between Lake Hood to Judd Lake, on scheduled arrival and departure dates

• 5 Nights Lodging at TML

• 5 Days of Heli Adventures (skiing/riding, fishing)

• 6 Hobbs Hours per Group of 4 Clients

• Safety Equipment & Ski/Snowboard Demos & Fishing Gear

• Gourmet Meals

Available for purchase: Bar, Massage, Retail

Helicopter Fishing


Spending summer in Alaska isn’t all about hiking, trekking, and swimming.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers an exciting and challenging activity every family or group member will enjoy. Prepare to cast your fishing rod and reel because we will explore the best fishing holes in the Tordrillo Mountains.

The Tordrillo Mountains are home to many rivers and streams, which serve as sanctuaries to a variety of freshwater species. Aboard a helicopter, it will only take a few minutes to reach some of the richest fishing holes in this remote area in Alaska. We don’t own these Alaskan rivers, but thanks to the access granted by helicopter fishing, we might as well. In almost 20 years of heli fishing these streams, we still rarely compete with other anglers when fishing by helicopter for all five species of Pacific Salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic char, and grayling. Our guides pride themselves in staking out territory that is so remote, that without their inside knowledge these locations are impossible to find.

Each hole we fish is accessible by helicopter only, so you’ll never compete for shoulder room–or fish. Instead of racing out to the fishing grounds in the morning, enjoy a leisurely breakfast before we load up and choose a hole to helicopter fish based on what’s running at various drainages and streams. If nothing’s hitting, we’re onto the next spot, because we don’t call it fishing–we call it catching.

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Explore Alaska with Heli Hiking


We don’t believe that you should have to work hard for a beautiful view.

Stay at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge and we’ll make your vacation more memorable. We offer loads of adventure activities to keep you active and entertained. Book your trip, pack your things, and get ready for some action. We’ll take you to the most spectacular hiking sites in Alaska.

We don’t believe that you should have to work hard for a beautiful view, which is why we have added heli hiking to our repertoire of Alaskan adventure activities. From Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, we whisk you away to the nearby surrounding mountain environments that offer hikes otherwise inaccessible with a helicopter. Opportunities range from exploring wide-open meadows of wildflowers to those that cover several miles and include aggressive vertical gain.

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, we may choose a full day hike, or explore several areas for heli-hiking opportunities offering varied landscapes and panoramic views of the world. If it’s glaciers you desire, we have access to some of the biggest glaciers in all of Alaska. We can explore many of these ice masses with crampons and ropes and discover Moulin’s, ice caves and crevasses. We’ll follow you.

So much Alaska, so little time.

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Alaska River Trips

Located moments from some of the best river country in North America, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is the perfect jumping off point for epic Alaska river trips. We can access many of the nearby rivers by helicopter or float plane. Day trips and multi-day floats with river camps offer guests a flexible approach.

One-day whitewater Alaska river trips floats on the Talachulitna river or Coal Creek are an easy flight to the best section of the river. We provide all the gear needed for a warm and comfortable Alaska whitewater experience. Our experienced guides can navigate your boat through class 3-4 whitewater and mix it up with a little fishing to top things off.

Our multi-day river trips are reserved for the many sections of the Talachulitna, our home stream. Excellent drift fishing for rainbow trout, king salmon and silver salmon always keep the waters interesting. Fish, walk and drift your way from camp to camp. Streamside meals and comfortable camps with quality equipment mark our trips as some of the best. We live to fish the “Tal”. We live ON the Tal.

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Alaska Water Sports


We live on the water. And we live for water sports. It’s only natural for us to be on it and in it. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge provides equipment and instruction on how to use our various water crafts and participate in our water sport activities.

We provide canoes, inflatable kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, wake boarding and foil boarding. If your activity of choice involves swimming, we provide wet suits and dry suits. With the long daylight hours, water sports are a great summer highlight at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Judd Lake has great fishing that can be paddled too or great wildlife viewing, and birding. Water sports safety is practiced at all times and we are happy to share our knowledge with you and your young ones. All of the lake-based activities and river activities are an ideal experience for families and first timers alike. Come enjoy the water with us!

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Alaska Sky Trekking

For decades, bush pilots in Alaska have been flying guests to the far reaches of Alaska. Fortunately, these days, many of the sweetest spots in Alaska have comfortable lodges. Let us suggest Alaska sky trekking itineraries, based on your interests, which will maximize your time in the area. Sky trekking is a great way to get a birds eye view of some of the prettiest spots in Alaska. We will arrange for your flights and accommodations in the surrounding parks from Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

You can take a two-hour flight seeing tour over Mt. McKinley to the North side of Denali National Park, relax in one of a few lodges and enjoy a great meal. Just to the south of the Lodge, a two-hour flight will find you in Katmai National Park, home to the best bear viewing in the world. Fly out for just the day or stay at some of Alaska’s historic Lodges in the Illiamna area. Sky trekking trips are custom in nature and require planning that our experienced staff is happy to assist with.

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