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Choosing the Perfect Alaska Luxury Lodge

May 31, 2023

Everyone takes a vacation, a little time away to reconnect with family and friends. That vacation can quickly turn into something extraordinary when you do it in luxury.

Summer Vacations in Alaska

An Alaskan vacation experience is unlike any other with its breathtaking excursions, unique wildlife sightings and incomparable cultural offerings. Travelers can focus on one area or capture the complete experience when visiting “The Last Frontier” by staying at a luxury lodge.

Luxury accommodations mean more than just a cloud-soft bed, robes in every room, and an attentive staff. It can be all of those things but there are so many other factors that go into a true luxury experience.

A young man and woman heli hiking in Alaska during the summer.

When making a choice about which Alaskan lodge your family should stay at, consider these four key factors:


The old real estate cliche “location, location, location” holds true for luxury lodges in Alaska. That’s because your lodge will be “home base” for the duration of your vacation so it’s important that you can easily access everything you want to do – be it on land, in the air, or across the water. After all, you’re going to want to spend your time enjoying your experiences, not traveling to them.


When planning a summer stay at an Alaska lodge for families you will find that the amenities offered will range from simple to sublime. There are lodges that will provide transportation to local destinations while the featured amenity at another resort may be a chef-driven dining experience.

Then there are luxury lodges in Alaska that take the idea of amenities to the next level. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge for example offers a slate of amenities to help you create the perfect vacation – you’ll have access to helicopters; massage services; an exercise room; the lakeside hot tub and bar; kayaks, SUPs, bikes and more.

When reviewing the amenities a lodge offers, the key is in deciding what you and your family, or group of friends, need in order to create lasting memories.


For many, “Alaska” conjures images of snowy landscapes, towering glaciers, majestic wildlife and the Northern Lights. While these are Alaskan touchstones, they barely scratch the surface of what you can enjoy on a summer vacation in the state.

Whether you are going to be an overnight visitor or you are a guest with a more relaxed schedule, Alaska holds many experiences for every traveler. When you choose a lodge to stay at on your trip you can choose one that will enable you to make one of those experiences the focus of your vacation or you can take up at a location where you can sample adventure and relaxation in equal doses.

For example, at Tordrillo you and your family will have time for:

  • The Peaks and Valleys: From its location right in the heart of the Tordrillo Mountain Range, you’ll have lots of opportunities to not just view mountains, but to go up (in a Via Ferrata Climbing Adventure) and then come down (skiing) them.
  • Relaxation: Unwind with a yoga class, at the sauna or in the hot tub.
  • Getting Wet: Enjoy world-class fishing, wake surfing, water skiing, white water rafting and other aquatic adventures.
  • Exploring Nature: See nature up close with glacier and alpine hikes, or by canoeing and kayaking.


Reputations are not given, they’re earned. Luxury is the same way. It’s just a name, a concept, until it’s backed up with service and offerings that you will never forget.

As you look into luxury lodges in Alaska some may appear on paper as the perfect spot for a dream summer family vacation but the reality of the facility, the staff, and even the location can be something quite different.

Consider a location’s reputation in the industry, in the community and amongst fellow travelers. Has there been any media coverage? And has it been positive? As with many things, a few minutes of research can make all the difference.

Other Things to Consider

  • How many guests will be on-site?
  • How long has the staff been there?
  • What’s included in the cost of your stay?
  • Is there a mix of common areas and private spaces?
  • What will you need to bring vs. what’s available on-site?

Why Choose a Luxury Lodge

A luxury lodge isn’t just a place that you stay, it’s an extension of your vacation. It can help fully transport you from “regular” life to a pure vacation state of mind. When you add luxury accommodations to your trip you are opening up your family to enjoy world-class treatment with experiences they may not find anywhere else.

Plan Your Adventure Today

An Alaska luxury lodge enables travelers to make the most of their vacation. As you plan your Alaskan summer, consider spending it with us. Contact our team to get started.

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