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Access the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness from the air in your very own Alaskan Float Plane. Explore places like:

Katmai National Park
Denali National Park
Prince William Sound
Kitchatna Mountains and Bucky’s Cabin

Available for private charter when not in use by in-lodge guests. Operated by Sportsman’s Air Service, based out of Anchorage.

Katmai Bear Viewing

The Katmai experience is like no other in the world. A place where bears still roam without any fear or interference from humans. For a day, step into their world and experience the majesty of Katmai. Brooks Falls is just one of the wonders the park expounds. Hundreds of lakes and streams are home to the famous bears, moose and caribou.

The flight from Anchorage to Brooks Falls, lasts two hours. Weather permitting we can make the flight over the tops of Spurr, Redoubt and Illiamna volcanos. On the way back we can fly at lower elevations through the fabled passes through the Alaska range. A window with each seat makes it easy to spotting Dall sheep and other wildlife through the neighboring Lake Clark National Park.

Flying in our de Havilland Turbine Otter is an experience of its own. Each passenger can enjoy a high-back seat, aisle down the middle, and state-of-the-art intercom. Alaska proven, the Otter is considered one of the more desirable tour airplanes in the fleet. This plane can seat up to 9 guests in comfort.

Full day tour – 10 hours, Brooks Falls, other areas/landmarks

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Denali Discovery

A flight-see of Denali is an experience of a lifetime. The Alaska range is the biggest mountain range in Alaska featuring the largest mountain in North America. In addition to Denali, peaks like Foraker, Hunter and Moose’s Tooth tear through the surrounding glaciers to amazing heights. Such dramatic terrain is rarely found anywhere else in the world. 

You will not find a more capable aircraft to enjoy the mountain scenery. The Turbine Otter can achieve elevations for your flight with plenty of extra power. Flight routes can take you into some of the famous glacier terrain of Denali National Park. Fly the Ruth, Kahiltna, Tokasitna, or Yentna glaciers.

flying through Denali National Park with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound is one of Alaska’s most coveted marine environments. This amazing body of water is only 30 minutes from Anchorage. A quick flight through the Chugach Mountains brings you to some of the most amazing views of tide water glaciers anywhere in the world. Where the ice meets the sea you will find Surprise, Harriman,  and College Fjords, all massive glaciers cascading into the sea. Along the fjords keep an eye out for abundant mountain goats and sheep. The pilot can land in an alpine lake to stretch your legs, take a swim and have a snack.

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Tordrillo/ Kitchatna/ Bucky’s cabin

We have a special place for this tour in our hearts. This is our back yard. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has been exploring the Tordrillo and Kitchatna mountains for decades.  Start your flight over the Cook Inlet and fly directly up the Triumvirate glacier and down the Trimble glacier as you make your way to the Kitchatna Spires. 

The Kitchatna Mountains are an extremely remote section of the Alaska Range. Seemingly isolated in their own island uplift, these granite peaks rise more than 4,000 feet out of the glaciers below. Known for the biggest shear walls anywhere in North America, the area is nothing short of mind-blowing. 

On your way back, stop by Bucky’s Cabin at the famous Rainy Pass Lodge. Alaska’s first guest lodge and one of the most impressive collection of Alaskan and Iditarod artifacts one can find. 

4 hour tour

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