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Where comfort and adventure meet for an unmatched Alaska vacation

Just a 40-minute flight from Anchorage, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is a remote, multi-sport, luxury lodge in the heart of the Tordrillo Range where outdoor adventures by day give way to world-class accommodations at night. Whether you’re carving fresh tracks on a remote mountain or finding a quiet corner on the deck to take it all in, the trip of a lifetime begins here.


New Float Plane Charters Available

Access the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness from the air in your very own Alaskan Float Plane. Multiple trip options and itineraries are available. Explore the majesty of Katmai, home to the famous bears, moose, and caribou. Discover Denali National Park and see the breathtaking mountains and glaciers. Witness Prince William Sound, one of Alaska’s most coveted marine environments and see the incredible fjords. Sightsee in Tordrillo’s backyard by flying through the Kitchatna mountains and stop by Bucky’s cabin at the famous Rainy Pass Lodge. No lodge booking required. Available for private charter when not in use by lodge guests.
Otter Charter

Our Lodges

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers unmatched accommodations, setting the bar for luxury in the Alaskan wilderness. From the Main Lodge—our newly renovated flagship lodge—to private cabins, Judd Lake Lodge, Moose Hall, and Winterlake Lodge, guests have their choice of exclusive accommodations. Whether you seek a private experience for a few close friends or want to be at the heart of the action, you’ll find it here.

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e-foil alaska at sunset e-foil alaska at sunset judd lake

New at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

At Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, we are as excited to be on the water as we are to be in the mountains. New for Summer, we’re pleased to announce the addition of eFoil Boarding Clinics to our watersports program. These LIFT electric-battery propelled foils are steered using Bluetooth hand controls. They’re both fun to operate and relatively easy to pick up with one-on-one instruction by our experienced guides. We’re also excited to add a new upgraded hot tub to our property that has breathtaking views of Judd Lake.

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Via Ferrata

There’s no better, safer, or more fun way to get your adrenaline pumping than our Via Ferrata—the first-ever in Alaska. Via Ferrata, Italian for “iron path,” is a steel cable climbing route affixed to a mountainside. The cable is taut and secured to the mountain face every three to thirty feet and is a safe way to experience high mountain climbing. After a short helicopter ride, visitors scale 900 vertical feet for huge views of the Triumvirate Glacier and the Tordrillo Mountains.

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climbing alaska via ferrata tordrillo mountain lodge

What Others Are Saying

“… the resort’s heli-ski adventure packages are extreme, making it ideal for experienced, off-piste skiers. Don’t miss the “Kings and Corn” event (King Salmon fishing and Corn skiing) every June and July, when Alaska gets up to 22-hours of daylight.”

A 40 minute flight from Anchorage, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is remote, luxurious and teeming with experts eager to challenge outdoor enthusiasts.

“Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers travelers the ultimate Alaska heli-ski adventures, complemented with remote, rustic-modern lodges, private cabins and luxury lifestyle amenities just a 40-minute flight from Anchorage on the banks of the Talachulitna River and their own Judd Lake.”

The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has everything you could want in a mountain retreat — ensuring you’ll get your dose of nature and high-end comfort.”

“Situated 60 miles west of Anchorage, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge lures adventurers with its heli-skiing and other hair-raising pursuits; owner and heli-ski pioneer Mike Overcast opened the lodge with Olympic gold medalist Tommy Moe.”

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge gives visitors an experience beyond their imagination. As a well-known luxury lodge in Alaska, Tordrillo provides winter and summer activities for you and the whole family. Gain a glimpse into what others have to say about their trip of a lifetime.

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