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Everything You Need to Know About Whitewater Rafting in Alaska

July 26, 2022

One of life’s joys is getting to try new activities—and if you haven’t yet found yourself on a whitewater rafting trip, let us be the first to tell you there’s nothing like feeling the power of a strong current whisk you and a few close friends down a river. Whether you’re a thrillseeker looking for your next adventure or want to experience Alaska the way the earliest explorers did, whitewater rafting with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is something you won’t ever forget.

Find out why, where, and when to plan your trip with our whitewater rafting guide.

Why Go Whitewater Rafting in Alaska?

A better question is, why not? The reasons to raft in Alaska could fill the pages of a book—luckily for you, we won’t wax poetic for too long. 

One of the top reasons to go whitewater rafting in Alaska is because it’s arguably one of the best Alaska adventure trips and ways to experience the pristine and untouched landscape of America’s 49th state. Alaska isn’t an easy state to travel—many places (like Tordrillo Mountain Lodge) don’t have roads in and out, and not everyone has access to a plane or helicopter (luckily, at the Lodge, we have both!). But, with more than 12,000 rivers, rafting Alaska’s waterways is an easy and awe-inspiring way to cut through Alaska’s backcountry.

Beyond the incredible views and access to nature, whitewater rafting in Alaska can be an activity for all skill levels. Depending on your group and the experience you’re looking for, you could have a rollercoaster of a ride or a scenic float trip. There is a stretch of river for every ability in Alaska.

A helicopter flies over a freshwater river and heads towards a whitewater rafting spot in Alaska.

The Best Time to Go Whitewater Rafting

Like many activities in Alaska, the best time of year for whitewater rafting is in the summer. Plan your trip for May to September when the weather is more favorable and the streams are likely to flow more rapidly. If you’re hoping for some additional activities on the water, May to September is also when the salmon make their runs in Alaska (the best time for salmon fishing in Alaska – here’s why!). Learn more about our watersports activities and fishing trips in Alaska.

Where to Go Whitewater Rafting in Alaska

There are whitewater rafting opportunities all over the state and dozens of tour companies to safely guide you down the rivers. Some of the top rivers to raft in Alaska include the following:

Copper River (Class II)

The Copper River is an enormous river that drains one of the world’s largest nonpolar ice fields. Located in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in southcentral Alaska, most rafters float the river’s class II rapids over the course of 5-7 days.

Denali’s Nenana River (Class II-IV)

The Nenana River is a glacially-fed river in Denali National Park. Located in Alaska’s interior, with views of North America’s tallest mountain peak, this river offers a little something for everyone. From calmer waters to adrenaline-pumping rapids, beginners and experts will find the thrill they’re seeking.

Six Mile Creek (Class IV)

Six Mile Creek is considered one of Alaska’s most accessible yet technical whitewater runs with mostly class IV rapids. Located in the Chugach Mountains in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Six Mile Creek is one of the most famous and challenging whitewater rafting runs in Alaska—best suited for an experienced rafter.

A group stands in front of a helicopter after a whitewater rafting excursion in Alaska.

Guided Whitewater Rafting Tours at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is the perfect jumping-off point for epic Alaska river trips. We can easily access some of the best river country in North America by helicopter in minutes. Our heli river trips include something for all types of adventurers, whether you want epic whitewater rafting or scenic river rafting and fishing.

Our helicopters provide an easy flight to the best section of the beautiful rivers on Tordrillo Mountain: Talachulitna River and Coal Creek. Our experienced guides will navigate your boat through class III-IV whitewater and even find a spot for a little fishing when you’re ready to mix things up. We provide all the gear needed for a warm and comfortable Alaska whitewater rafting experience.

Whitewater rafting is one of the best ways to experience Alaska. If you’re ready to book your Alaska rafting trip, check out the summer availability and rates at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. Whitewater rafting is just the beginning of the Alaskan adventures that await at our multisport luxury lodge in the Tordrillo Mountains.

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