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Check Salmon Fishing in Alaska Off Your Bucket List

June 1, 2021

There are few things that get the blood pumping like glimpsing a silvery pink flash below the water of an icy clear stream. You cast your line. You feel a pull. You know you’ve got it.

Surrounded by the mountains, lush landscape and untamed wilderness, salmon fishing in Alaska is one of the world’s ultimate outdoor adventures. And if you need convincing, here’s why catching a trophy Alaskan salmon should be on your bucket list—plus everything you need to know about planning your own trip with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Catch the Best Alaskan Salmon

Pair five species of Pacific salmon with pristine rivers (more than 12,000 of them), and you’ve got salmon fishing in Alaska. Alaska salmon run rivers that wind through some of the most remote wilderness in the US, giving anglers an unparalleled experience.

Each summer, millions of salmon grace these rivers when they migrate from the ocean to the freshwater to spawn. And along with the five Pacific species; king, sockeye, silver, chum and pink salmon, you may find yourself with some unexpected fishing buddies. Keep an eye out for the caribou, moose, bears and most majestically, the bald eagle as you cast your line.

A lone angler fly fishes for salmon on a river near Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Best Time to Salmon Fish in Alaska

The best time for salmon fishing in Alaska is June through September when the days are long and the fish are fast. During these months you can fish some combination of the five Pacific Salmon species, depending on how you time your visit. Throughout the season, different species of salmon make their runs from the ocean to the upper reaches of Alaska’s rivers. The first to run are the king (chinook) salmon in June, followed in July and August by the sockeye (red) salmon, silver (coho) salmon, chum (dog) salmon, and pink (humpy) salmon.

As an added bonus, summer in Alaska is the season of the midnight sun. From mid-March to mid-September, Alaska gets more daily sunlight than anywhere else in the US. At the peak of the midnight sun season, there can be as many as 22 hours of functional daylight. The extended summer daylight hours mean more time to pack in your adventures.

Two Tordrillo Mountain Lodge guests hold a salmon they caught next to a river.

Try Different Types of Fishing Tours

At Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, we take you by helicopter to some of the richest and most remote fishing holes in North America. So remote, in fact, that while you may be competing with some of the wildlife for your catch, we rarely run into other anglers. We offer private and family-guided fly fishing tours, where our guides pride themselves on their expertise in finding the fish you’re looking for. Learn more about our heli fishing programs.

For an experience unlike any other, come in June for our Kings & Corn season, where you hit the slopes to ski in the morning, the streams to fish in the afternoon, and relax in our stunning lodge at night. No matter when you come or what you catch, salmon fishing at Tordrillo is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Experience Salmon Fishing in Alaska with Tordrillo

Our team of expert guides and friendly trip planners are ready to help you start organizing your visit. Contact us today to learn more.

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