Kayaking: Alaska Summer Adventure Lodge | Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Kayaking: Alaska Summer Adventure Lodge

April 29, 2018

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is a paradise for all who are looking to enjoy water sports such as kayaking at the best Alaska Summer Adventure Lodge.  The menu of water sports activities is long at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, but nothing beats a kayak around Judd Lake right in front of the lodge and cabins or on waterways that run right into glacial runout.

The peace and exhilaration of kayaking at Tordrillo’s Alaska Summer Adventure lodge is one of the high points of any visit. Glassy water with snow-covered mountain reflections is a painter and photographer’s dream. The only sounds come from the surrounding nature and your paddling becomes a meditation with fluid¬†strokes gliding you and your small craft forward. It is the perfect way to take in the surrounding flora and fauna and get in tune with the rhythms of the Alaskan wilderness.


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