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Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Becomes First to Offer Heli-Biking in the U.S.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge will become the first outfitter in the United States to offer heli-biking, an experience that enables mountain biking access via helicopters to millions of acres of mountain terrain in the Tordrillo Mountain range of Alaska.

To make this experience possible, the company invested in the country’s first Aero Quick Design Release helicopter bike rack, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that can transport bikes without the need to disassemble them for the flight.

The Aero Quick Design Release helicopter bike rack in use.

With this new equipment, four bikers, an experienced guide and their bikes are flown into the mountain range from the lodge’s helicopter pad and are ready to hit the trails in just a few minutes. The heli-biking routes will begin from the Mt. Spurr volcano and follow paths carved out naturally by the volcano’s deposits, though the experience is customizable.

Some bikers may choose to forge their own paths or follow gentle ridge lines to alpine lakes; others can bike directly on a glacier for a whole new snow biking experience. Riders can choose a descent or ascent of any length or difficulty, making the experience accessible to anyone, no matter their level of skill or expertise.

“Our goal at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is to provide our guests with experiences they couldn’t get anywhere else,” said Mike Overcast, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s co-owner. “As the first in the U.S. to provide mountain biking access via helicopter, our guests can now enjoy the unspoiled landscape of this spectacular mountain range. Heli-biking really does give you a new perspective on the sport – it’s a game-changer for adventure-seekers everywhere.”

Other available experiences include fishing, hiking, wakeboarding, kayaking, and white water rafting. During the winter, the lodge offers heliskiing.