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GrindTV — Alaskan Lodge is First to Offer Heli-Biking in US

Heli-biking in US – “It’s a great way to explore new terrain. Getting dropped off on mind-blowing spots with spectacular views is an amazing experience,” downhill skiing Olympic gold medalist and co-owner Tommy Moe tells GrindTV. “The perspective of the terrain can be very deceiving from the helicopter. On your bike you realize the magnitude of the area. Helicopter is truly the only way to get to these locations,” Moe continues.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge featured on Ultimate Adventures

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is the first outfitter in the United States to offer heli-biking, an unrivaled outdoor experience that enables mountain biking access via helicopter to millions of acres of pristine mountain terrain in the breathtaking Tordrillo Mountain range of Alaska. As a top provider of incomparable adventure experiences, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge invested in the country’s first Aero Quick Design Release helicopter bike rack, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that can transport bikes without the burden of disassembling them for flight.