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Heli Skiing History

September 17, 2020

History of Heli Skiing

The history of heli skiing stretches back to a few theories, but there’s one thing we know for certain: helicopter-accessed skiing has changed the game for winter activities in Alaska. Along with influence from pioneer Hans Gmoser and pictures in history books, evidence suggests that heli skiing may have taken off in the late 1950s or early 60s in Alaska, Wyoming, or Utah. Join Tordrillo Mountain Lodge as we uncover the history of heli skiing and how the sport has grown into a top attraction for things to do in Alaska.

Hans Gmoser – The Father of Heli Skiing

While the true origin of heli skiing remains unknown, Hans Gmoser is credited with revitalizing heli skiing in 1965 in British Columbia.

Gmoser, an Austrian mountain guide, had a successful ski and climbing guide business with a strong clientele. It wasn’t until one of Gmoser’s clients, who frequently used helicopters for geological work, recommended using helicopters to reduce time spent climbing mountains to reach untracked powder. Once a helicopter, experienced ski guide, and group of avid skiers were brought into the mix, heliskiing took off, and the rest is history!

Heli Skiing Today

Years back, taking a helicopter to remote mountaintops for the chance to ski untracked powder runs was seen as something for only the most daring. Today, heli skiing has become a socially acceptable form of family fun with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Ski movies like those put out by Warren Miller show heli skiers navigating only the most extreme terrain. Although those lines are accessible via chopper, the majority of present-day heli skiers are intermediate skiers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether it’s the idea of riding in a helicopter through some of the most beautiful heli skiing terrain in the world or skiing long runs of untracked powder, heli skiing in Alaska with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge should be a viable option for your next family vacation.

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