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Packing for the Backcountry: What to Wear While Skiing in Alaska

June 4, 2021

Skiing is one of Alaska’s most adventurous pastimes. The cold weather and copious snowfall make it a top-tier ski destination at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. But, those are also the same reasons why it is so important to have the right gear on hand. Here’s a list of what to pack so you’re ready to ride the next line with comfort and safety.

Female skier in a red coat and goggles skis down a mountain of fresh powder.

What to Pack

If you’re wondering what to wear while skiing, we’ve got you covered. 


This is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of skiing the backcountry in Alaska. If you pack one big jacket and some lightweight waterproof pants, you’ll find out quickly just how easy it is to be sweaty and cold at the same time, so make sure you’re packed appropriately.

  • Multiple layers that can be added or removed throughout the day
  • Wool/moisture-wicking socks
  • Long underwear 
  • Waterproof snow pants
  • Fleece
  • Compressible down or synthetic insulated jacket
  • Rain shell
  • Neck gaiter and/or light balaclava 
  • Warm hats, earmuffs, and scarves
  • Mittens and waterproof snow gloves
  • Ski boots

Safety Gear

Ski safety can vary depending on where you are skiing and what your guide provides you with, but generally, it’s better to be over-prepared. 

  • Helmet, not required
  • Goggles
  • Skis and boards

Unexpected Accessories

There are many things people forget to bring and quickly regret. Things that seem counterintuitive when packing for skiing in Alaska but are essential nonetheless include:

  • Sunscreen (the sun reflects off the snow in surprising and beautiful ways)
  • Lip balm 
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle 
  • Rubber sole boots for après 

What Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Provides

Tordrillo will provide guests with top-of-the-line safety gear for their skiing adventures on the mountain, which lessens your load when it comes to packing. Here’s what we provide that you don’t need to bring along: 

  • Avalanche transceivers
  • ABS balloon packs
  • Shovels
  • Probes
  • Harness

Keep the Weather in Mind

The best skiing in Alaska is from February to April. You may think that seems short, but considering daylight in Alaska lasts only a few hours from November to January, there is usually not enough time to get out for a full day of heli skiing!

In terms of snow conditions, shorter days in the early season generally mean that the slopes are less affected by the sun. With colder temperatures, you can generally account for good terrain with great snow. While the later season offers more daylight, which allows for a longer day of skiing, the longer days of sun also can degrade some of the skiing terrain. The weather is variable, and temps average 10° to 25° F for most of the ski season. Snow is powder in the early months, turning to corn around June when we host our Kings & Corn season.

When packing for backcountry skiing, keep in mind that you should pack for the cold, pack for snow, and pack for the ultimate Alaska adventure. Keep reading for a list of what to bring.

Skier at the top of a mountain smiling at the camera.

Now that you’re no longer wondering “what should I wear when skiing,” it’s time to take to the mountain. Packing the proper ski clothing and gear will help prepare you to fully experience this adventure of a lifetime—and if you’re ready to book yours, check out our winter rates and dates.

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