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4 Reasons Why the Tordrillo Mountains are the Best for Skiing in Alaska

June 28, 2021

When you come to ski in Alaska, your expectations should be high. From pristine mountain views to some of the best untouched powder out there, your skiing experience with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge should be one unlike any other. As part of the largest mountain range in Alaska, the Tordrillo Mountains are home to more than a million acres of rugged Alaska wilderness – giving you clean lines, fresh powder, and unlimited amounts of fun!

If you’re interested in what sets this mountain range apart from the rest with skiing, here are 4 reasons to win you over.

A Beautiful, Remote Location

Located 60 miles west-northwest of Anchorage, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge will give you a heli skiing experience you’ll ever forget! The remote location is truly something only a few can say they’ve skied down before, so why not be one of those few?

We find ski runs based on a number of factors, including skill level, terrain conditions, and daylight, so the chances that we see other ski parties are pretty slim. You’ll feel like the mountain is yours!

A group of four heli skiers and heli snowboarders pose with a large snow-covered mountain in Alaska.

Private, Guided, Award-Winning Heli Skiing

An Olympic gold medalist, a 15-time Mt. Everest summiter, and a forecaster for one of the top avalanche centers in the world are just a few of the guides you’ll meet at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. Our heli skiing and snowboarding experiences are world-renowned. In fact, CNN named Tordrillo Mountain Lodge as one of their Top World Heli Ski Destinations, and we were also awarded the Top 10 Best Heli Ski Adventures by the Robb Report.

Award-winning guides for your heli skiing and snowboarding experience? Sign us up!

Aerial view of a blue helicopter dropping off heli skiers on a mountaintop in Alaska.

Peak Weather Conditions

The Tordrillo complex sits among the peaks of the mountain range. Glacial activity has carved out unrivaled skiing and boarding runs throughout the range, creating aesthetically pleasing views for days. Granite bulges with incised couloirs result in runs that top out at 7,500 feet and end at 2,000 feet, offering great landings and pickup zones with picture-perfect panoramas of the Alaska Range and Denali.

As far as average weather and mountain conditions, the air is usually dry with clear skies. Temperatures average between 15º to 25º (Fahrenheit) during our busy season. If the snowpack is weak due to temperatures, we move on to more gentle terrain. If poor weather moves in, we do not fly out, but our guests can enjoy a variety of other activities at our lodge to keep your days filled.

Wine and fresh caught crab legs displayed on a fur placemat with snow in the background.

Unparalleled Alaskan Luxury

At Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, luxury is our calling. Nestled in the Alaskan wilderness, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere on earth, we could easily see how you might think this is a rustic getaway. However, rest assured that a stay at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is anything but primitive. Get a taste of Alaska with five-star food made with seasonal, local ingredients. Unwind at the spa with cedar sauna, world-class massage services and calming hot tub. So while you might be in the wild, your senses will be tamed with unlimited luxurious amenities.

Are you ready to book your stay with us? Check out our winter rates and dates to start planning your next best skiing adventure in the Tordrillo Mountains.

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