Heli-fishing for king salmon and more with the TML crew

Our summer session is right around the corner and that means heli-fishing adventures every day. At Tordrillo Mountain Lodge we boast an unmatched heli-fishing experience. Our guides have years of experience fishing the Alaskan backcountry. And with our helicopter access we can provide our guests with a truly unique fishing experience.

Catching some big fish in the Alaskan backcountry
Tommy Moe meets his match with a king salmon
King salmon can weigh between 30-50 pounds

With the TML crew, our guests have the excitement of fishing for Alaskan king salmon among many other species of fish including arctic char, rainbow trout, and grayling. A little king salmon highlight for you: the king salmon in the Alaskan backcountry can range from 30-50 pounds. King salmon typically spend one to eight years in the ocean before returning to their home rivers to spawn. They are often blue, green, red, or purple on the back and top of the head with silvery sides. King salmon are native to the north Pacific Ocean and the river systems of western North America ranging from California to Alaska.

Experience world-class heli-fishing with the TML crew

Heli-fishing allows us to take our guests from remote fishing hole to remote fishing hole. If nothing is hitting, we move on to the next spot! We want you to experience the trip of a lifetime. To learn more about helicopter fishing in Alaska, click here. Also, visit our Dates & Reservations page to join the fun.