Bear Takes Fisherman’s Harmonica near Alaska Mountain Lodge

Being the premiere Alaska mountain lodge in the U.S., Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is known for big outdoor adventures. Heli skiing, King fishing, Alaska wilderness hikes and more. They can now add Bear music venue to the list.

Sunday evening in Tordrillo a group of friends were gathering their spoils from the Kings and Corn tour of heli skiing and heli fishing that day, when a bear decided they had to make a trade for catching the Alaskan King Salmon in his river. Left near their backpacks was a harmonica that Charles Roberts, 43, had been playing earlier. Although the men were very cautious not to draw too much attention, they were able to snap a picture of the bear testing his harmonica skills. Or thats what the image looks like anyway..

The Alaskan Department of Natural Resources does not recommend grabbing your cell phones for a photo op when encountering a bear. They state the best line of defense is common sense.

If you see a bear that is far away or doesn’t see you turn around and go back, or circle far around. Don’t disturb it.

If you see a bear that is close or it does see you STAY CALM. Attacks are rare. Bears may approach or stand on their hind legs to get a better look at you. These are curious, not aggressive, bears. BE HUMAN. Stand tall, wave your arms, and speak in a loud and low voice. DO NOT RUN! Stand your ground or back away slowly and diagonally. If the bear follows, STOP.”

The Alaskan Department of Fish and Game give special tips for those who enjoy fishing in bear country. They suggest making noise so you don’t surprise or startle a bear. (However, now that they enjoy the tunes from a harmonica leave that particular instrument at home.)

Don’t Fish for Bears

  • If a bear learns it can obtain fish just by approaching anglers, it will return for more.
  • If a bear approaches you while you are fishing, stop fishing.
  • If a bear approaches and you have a fish on your line, give the line slack so the fish doesn’t splash—or if need be, cut your line.
  • Stay calm during a bear encounter, talk and wave your arms. Don’t run!

So whether your Corn Skiing, Heli Fishing, Heli Hiking, Rafting, or any of the other adventures Tordrillo Mountain Lodge and the Alaskan wilderness have to offer, know that you share it with wildlife and be prepared with knowledge and awareness of your surroundings. And if you hear the sound of a growling harmonica near by, you know your in big bear blues band country!