Alaska Heli Skiing Trip Pictorial | Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Alaska Heli Skiing Trip Pictorial

April 21, 2017

An Alaska heli skiing trip is pretty much the most fun you can have on this earth if you’re a winter sports enthusiast, here is an attempt to show you what its like with visuals. Not just the heli-skiing, but the highlights of the entire trip. This story will be told in four posts, here is part 1…enjoy!

PART 1: The Best Heli Skiing Experience in the World.

Departing Anchorage Alaska.

Bags are packed, the Marmot back country gear is ready; the time has finally come for my heli skiing trip of a lifetime! The Airplane service used by the lodge is Sportsman’s Air Service stationed in Anchorage and at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. You can learn more on Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s  Traveling to your heli skiing adventure page.


Airborne. Flying to the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

From Ted Stevens International Airport, they are just a quick 45-minute flight to Judd Lake and the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. The aircraft I’m in is a DeHavilland Beaver and the ride is great.

We fly past majestic Denali and into the range of mountains the surround Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Just getting to the lodge has been a mind blowing experience flying past snow covered peaks, lakes and rivers. Now it’s time to check out the lodge.

Check back soon for Part 2 of my Alaska heli skiing trip & adventure!


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