Experience "The Great Alone" - A Story of Alaska by Kristin Hannah

Experience “The Great Alone” – Alaska Tales

May 9, 2018

“The Great Alone” – A Story of Alaska by Kristin Hannah

This is a story for the ages, one that transcends all and tears at your heartstrings. The Great Alone is a story of a love affair with Alaska. The story grabs you right from the beginning and never disappoints. The character development is superb, and the biggest character is the state of Alaska. I predict that most finish this novel and not be able to sleep until they have booked an Alaska Adventure.

I can see why after only a month in publication, Sony’s TriStar Pictures purchased the movie rights to this amazing story. Kristin Hannah’s last novel, “The Nightingale” sold over 2 million copies and was published in 43 different languages.

This is a story set in 1974 when a Vietnam Vet comes home a changed and volatile man. A fellow Vet had left instructions that if anything happened to him, he wanted his tiny cabin in Alaska to go to his buddy Ernt. The family moves to Alaska and lives in a tiny town “off the grid” learning to survive the “The Great Alone”. This is the story of a land that changed their lives forever.




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