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John de Neufville Breaks World Record!

December 22, 2014

Congrats to John de Neufville for breaking the world record for most vertical feet snowboarded in one year. John de Neufville broke the record over the weekend on December 20th at Jackson Hole, stacking 4,151,810 vertical over the last year. John de Neufville is a close friend of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge co-owners, Mike Overcast and Tommy Moe.

Transworld Snowboarding writes, “ With time running out to break the world record for the most vertical feet skied or snowboarded in one calendar year, John de Neufville, 38, has been hammering laps at Jackson Hole, Wyoming stacking nearly 1,000,000 vertical over the last 15 days. To get those numbers he’s been riding from open until close, up to 44 runs a day, often solo so he can stay focused. His goal was to beat the current record of 4,146,890 vertical feet set by skier Arnie Wilson in 1994. When de Neufville woke today, he was still over 36,000 feet shy of the record but he hoped to beat it by noon. That meant catching an early-up tram followed by a top-to-bottom run and 16 laps on St. John’s off the Apres Vous chair to narrow the gap to around 2,500 feet.” You can read the entire Transworld Snowboarding article on de Neufville here.

The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge family wants to congratulate John de Neufville on his amazing feat. We are stoked to be friends with such an amazing individual. We wish John all the best in his future endeavors.

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