Farm to Table - Alaska Luxury Wilderness Lodge Fine Dining

Farm to Table: Alaska Luxury Wilderness Lodge

April 29, 2018

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has a long history of fine dining and an even longer tradition of farm to table at their Alaska Luxury Wilderness Lodge. Just because you’ve opted for a remote adventure in Alaska is no reason to miss out on eating well.

The chef at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge sources all meat and seafood locally and herbs and vegetables are grown locally as well. This intimate Alaska Luxury Wilderness Lodge allows the chef to prepare each dish as if he is cooking only for you. If you have dietary restrictions we are happy to prepare dishes that keep you healthy and on track. Alaska is a great place to enjoy King Crab and King Salmon and the taste is out of this world.

Every meal at Tordrillo Mountain’s Alaska Luxury Wilderness Lodge is focused on freshness and presentation. You may be at a remote Wilderness Lodge, but the taste is worthy of any top metropolitan city. The best part is that after a day of heli-skiing, fishing, biking, hiking, SUPing, and more, you have earned every bite!

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