Dave Hahn - New Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Heli Skiing Guide

Dave Hahn – New Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Heli Skiing Guide

March 14, 2017

This season Dave Hahn is a new Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Heli Skiing Guide. He is a longtime mountain-climbing guide and ski patroller from Taos, New Mexico.  He has made a specialty of leading expeditions on high, cold and remote mountains.  Notable successes include his fifteen summits of Mt Everest and 36 trips to the top of Vinson -Antarctica’s high point.  Dave routinely guides climbers on Mount Rainier and Denali, and changes things up with a few Kilimanjaro climbs and safaris.  He has been recognized for several high profile rescues and -on occasion- for his writing about life in the mountains. He was an ESPY Award nominee for Best Outdoor Athlete in 2008, Dave was part of the team that discovered the remains of George Mallory at 27,000 feet on the North Face of Mount Everest. Mallory died on the mountain in 1924 with Andrew Irvine.

Dave had the good fortune to come to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge as a guest and said, “I’m excited this many years into my career to be starting out as a rookie on the staff. I was so impressed by the terrain and the operation that I’m thrilled to be back at the lodge on the team.”


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