Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Expands with the Addition of TML 2

Todrillo Mountain Lodge Expands With the Addition of TML 2

March 8, 2013

We love getting more people up here to enjoy the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge experience. Today, we’re stoked to unveil the result of 5 years of planning, with the grand opening of the new TML 2 lodge.

Featuring a modern architectural design and influence, TML 2 sets a new standard for lodging in the Alaskan wilderness. Beautiful hardwoods and stainless steel greet each guest along with breathtaking views of the Tordrillo range through giant floor-to-ceiling windows.

Eight lucky guests per week will get to enjoy the private lodge experience that TML 2 offers including:

  • 5 large bedrooms with private baths
  • Fully stocked bar with incredible wine list
  • Private, world-class chef
  • Massage therapy
  • Wood fired hot tub
  • 1, B2 Astar chopper for your group’s Alaska heli skiing pleasure

Greg, Tommy, Mike and the rest of the guides will work with Chef Shawn and Lodge Host Jennifer to create a relaxing and memorable vacation for you and your group. By day, you will ski the 1.2 million acres of terrain that the Tordrillos have to offer. By night, you will enjoy and relax in the world-class accommodations at TML 2. Sounds like the definition of a win-win to us.

If TML 2 is sounding good to you, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love for you and your group to experience TML 2.

Note: The 2013 season is sold out and 2014 slots are filling up quickly.

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