The Unrideables: The Alaska Range

The documentary film “The Unrideables: The Alaska Range” is set to premiere next week. The film is a culmination of John Devore’s dreams. Devore, an Alaska native, combines his passion for skiing and human flight in this must see film shot in the stunning Alaska Range. The film puts the sport of speed riding on full display- with shots packed full of adventure and beauty.

The following is an excerpt from a piece written by Scott Hart for Red Bull:

“Only a decade old, speedriding is a new, high-speed sport that mixes elements of skiing and flight. The result is a far more capable adventure than on skis alone – carving turns on a huge ski line, while taking to the air to navigate unpassable features like massive cliffs, icefalls, major crevasses and other glacial features before returning to the snow to complete a previously unrideable mountain range.”

“Why Alaska? It’s the obvious: It has some of the biggest mountains in the world, and more options than anywhere when it comes to just a vast area of endless mountains,” DeVore said. “Big mountain skiing [and] high-speed parachute flying have come to this place where all these athletes are mingling and sharing ideas, so it’s time to take [speedflying] to the biggest terrain in the world.” To read the entire Red Bull article, click here.

“The Unrideables: The Alaska Range” premieres Wednesday January 21st at the Depot in Salt Lake City.