Trout TV covers Cast and Carve

Network television show Trout TV returned to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge last week to cover our premiere Cast and Carve fishing and skiing adventures.

We’ve been featured on two episodes of Trout TV in the past; one about fishing rainbows with mice patterns and one about new techniques for catching silvers on a fly rod. Check them out here.

This time around, co-host Hilary Hutcheson returned to experience our Cast and Carve program. She went out in the helicopter with elite guides and owners Greg Harms, Tommy Moe and Mike Rheam and skied corn snow in the Tordrillo Mountains, then fished for king salmon, rainbow trout, grayling and char.

Trout TV co-host Hilary Hutcheson

Hilary says Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is one of her favorite places in the world because there is so much variety. She can’t get enough of this place! In fact, after a full day of skiing and fishing, she and Mike Rheam left the lodge at about midnight and walked down Talachulitna Creek with microbrews in hand to skip some mice and pollywog patterns across the creek for brightly-colored leopard rainbow trout.

This latest episode, we’re told, will show a day in the life of guests who come to Cast and Carve to ski and fish from dawn til dusk. Throw golden boy Tommy Moe in the mix and it’s sure to be good television. There’s even video of Tommy playing the bongo drums at an after-dinner jam session in the dining room.

Trout TV shooting footage in Alaska

The episode won’t air until the spring, but Hilary tells us she plans to post up some clips in coming weeks. Thanks for coming back to play, Hilary!