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Number of visits: Over 5

Why you keep coming back? “I have had the opportunity to snowboard all around the world (Russia, France, Canada, Utah, California, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland) and hands down there is no place like Alaska and no place like Tordrillo. Best mountains with some of the best guides anyone could ask for. So if you want to get heavy, but still do it safely Tordrillo provides that adventure but like I always say “ride to ride another day”. The lodge is comfortable, the food delicious, the crew pro, and no words can describe the mountains they access. Tordrillo is my favorite place to ride.”

Favorite TML experience? Carving with my friend Tommy Moe and Don Wildman.”

– Laird Hamilton, Pro Surfer / Waterman


Number of visits: Over 5

Why you keep coming back? “The team at TML is incredible and the experience is life changing! The Tordrillo mountains are amazing!”

Favorite TML experience? “The best 50th birthday celebration ever and carving corn with my son in June!”

– James Kingery, Business owner


Number of visits: 4

Why you keep coming back? “Best place on earth!”

Favorite TML experience? “Day after day of riding perfect AK pow with friends – what could be better?”

-Doug Collier, Corporate Director


Number of visits: 5

Why you keep coming back? “I have skied all over the world and TML offers an incredible skiing experience. The terrain is endless and diverse, the guides are fantastic, and all the non-skking amenities are superb.”

Favorite TML experience? “Every trip has been fabulous. But my last trip was special. My two sons and brother completed a group of four. We had seven days of perfect weather and snow conditions. Our group had diverse skiing ability and the guides found terrain that was fun and safe for all of us. We had runs through six inch surface hoarfrost that sounded like skiing through broken glass. We had a day that the snow remained suspended in the air and it looked like skiing through suspended diamond crystals. An unforgettable experience.”

-Dennis Henner, Scientist


Number of visits: Over 5

Why you keep coming back? “First time I came to TML was when I was 12. Since then I have been at TML 5 more times (either with family or by myself) and it has always been the best skiing a skier could imagine!
I hope that Ill be back soon, if not next year then in the many years to come check out this video Mike and I made after the trip. 
I doubt you will get this somewhere else!”

-Constantin Schoen, Skier