Light and Shadows Heli Skiing Alaska

“Powder Playground” – TML Featured on

It’s the first day of spring, deep in the Alaskan bush, and I’ve walked into a celebration. Sitting at a long dinner table inside a log cabin, 24 people clink wine glasses full of pinot noir and feast on wild-caught king salmon, kale, potatoes, and couscous, all of it swimming in a tomato-saffron sauce. The lights are dimmed inside the lodge and the glow from the star-shaped chandeliers reflect in the wine glasses, creating a sparkly galaxy along the length of the table. A Marvin Gaye tune plays over the speakers.

The revelers here, including an Internet tycoon and the owner of the largest horseradish producer in the United States, are on a seven-day vacation at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge (TML), the country’s swankiest and most remote heli-ski operation. TML, which is located about 60 miles northwest of Anchorage and is only accessible via a single- engine ski plane that lands on a frozen lake (just steps from the lodge we’re sitting in), is a campus of opulence, complete with spa-like amenities and five-star dining. The nearby Tordrillo Mountains are also flush with some of the world’s best skiing: a mecca of everything from mellow bowls to couloirs and classic Alaskan spines. But this crews’ first few days have been rough.

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