Paleo Nick at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

This week, Paleo Nick has been hosting an Alaska culinary adventure with a group of guests at the lodge. Paleo Nick worked as a private chef at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge from 2006-2007. He has been spending his week at the lodge teaching “paleo pedagogy” while taking in the luxury amenities and adventures the lodge has to offer. The paleo diet is a modern nutritional diet that recommends avoiding any foods that would not have been available to humans during the Paleolithic era, including dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils, and refined sugar.

His group has been waking up every morning to a breakfast buffet, and then preparing their lunches as a group to take with them on their daily adventures. Every day ends with appetizers and the option of preparing either a family style meal, or a three-course dinner with a starter. Guests are encouraged to participate as much or as little in the kitchen as they want.

Paleo Nick preparing his paleo cuisine

Throughout the week, guests have had to opportunity to explore the Tordrillo Mountain Range. Notable sites include: Triumvirate Glacier and Strandline Lake, which sits just above Talachulitna Lake. At the lodge, guests have been canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, jetskiing, range shooting, fishing, and hiking.

Paleo Nick teaches and practices a strict paleo cuisine. He believes that humans were designed to eat clean, nutrient dense, sustainably sourced foods. His favorite foods include Alaskan seafood, wild game, and organic grass-fed beef. Paleo Nick’s website guides visitors to become healthier, more fit and happier. He refers to his followers as Culinary Ninjas and he shares with them his tips and recipes for healthy paleo meals. His posts feature videos on how to prepare simple, healthy meals that will shed fat and support an active lifestyle.

Paleo Nick

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