One Run in the Tordrillo Mountains With Roland Topf

You have no doubt seen the photos of beautiful landscapes and epic runs from the Tordrillo Mountains courtesy of our guests. With 1.2 million acres of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Terrain, there’s plenty to take photos of.

Recently, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge guest, Roland Topf, took it one step further and put together a little GoPro edit from one of his many all-time runs during his week with us. Watch as Roland gets steep and deep down Monologues, one of our favorite spots in the Tordrillo Mountains.

Looking for a testimonial? Here’s what Roland had to say about his time with us:

Since watching Warren Miller movies at the age of 10 I have dreamt of the day I could finally go heli skiing. We wanted the most incredible terrain on the planet so we went with Tordrillo and boy did it deliver! This is a drug and I’m addicted to it already – help!