Living up Lodge Days

Every once in a while a massive snowstorm pounds the lodge but leaves us with plenty to do while we wait for the skies to clear. Other days, our guests are simply wiped from several days of deep powder skiing and boarding. We like to call these, “lodge days” – days when we don’t hit the mountains but instead enjoy the comforts of the lodge, play on and around Judd Lake and of course, have a good time. Take a look at how creative our guests get when they spend a day at or near the lodge:

Hot Tubbing!

hot-tub-snow-lodge-daysWhat could be better than soaking in a wood-burning hot tub with steam rising from the water and snow falling all around? Not much. When one of our guests has “gone missing,” meaning they’re not in the lodge, nine out of ten times they’re living it up in the hot tub. And we can’t blame them. It’s a wonderful thing! Be sure to visit the sauna as well.

Skate Skiing and Cross Country Skiing

Corss-country-skiing-lodge-daysNot only does a blizzard mean prime skiing the following day, it also means prime skate skiing and classic cross country skiing. Earn your hot tub time by grabbing skis and poles and explore our 20 km of groomed trails. From the lodge, travel through meadows, forests and more. Our trails will take you through some of the area’s most beautiful locations while also giving your legs a good workout for your next day of skiing or boarding. Snowshoes are also available.

Snow Machine Tours

Looking for a thrill? Take advantage of a big storm by joining one of our snow machine tours. We’ll take you to some of our favorite viewing spots and places where the powder is deep so you can let the machine rip! When you return to the lodge, warm up with a hot drink or dip in the hot tub.

Lodge Shenanigans

shot-ski-lodge-daysWe can never predict what the lodge shenanigans are going to be because they vary from guest to guest and week to week. When night rolls in, some guests pull out the shot ski and cheer on the snow while others bring strange costumes and made-up challenges to entertain other guests and our staff (see the image below).