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Winter Heli Skiing Testimonials

May 14, 2014

As we wrap up the Alaskan heli-skiing winter season here at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, we are happy to share some heli-skiing testimonials so that the memories of face shots and fresh lines will always remain etched in our memories. While we’re reminiscing and transitioning into our Cast and Carve and summer seasons, we thought we would share some testimonials from stoked guests.

“Trip of a lifetime. Exceeded all expectations. Staff went above and beyond. They are a true asset of the operation. Location and lodging second to none.” 

And for those of you who are nervous about your first heli-skiing adventure, have no fear-

“I feel very comfortable with the guiding.  They are experienced and it shows at every moment we’re in the field.  But they are also very sensitive to the group and the individuals. Keeping everyone at a challenging level – perhaps even pushing past one’s earlier bests, but always entertaining.” 

“Heli Guides were just awesome with the right balance of making you feel totally at ease in the world’s biggest playground whilst pushing your limits.” 

Oh, and did we mention a world-class private chef cooks all your gourmet meals so you are fueled up for the slopes?

“Food was incredible –  A real highlight that we’ve been telling everyone about back home.” 

And no, we’ll never get tired of hearing what we already know: Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has the best skiing out there!

“In my experience TML has the best skiing on the planet.  That’s a good start.  Add experienced,personable guides and a pilot who gets you where you want to go, and you have the perfect ski holiday.  The lodge is beautiful, the food is unbelievable, the staff, while attentive to guests at every moment, seem like more buddies on the same adventure.  I’d go back forever – OK, next year with an option on following years.” 

“TML is a truly remarkable experience and one of the best holidays I have ever experienced. The lodge caters very well to skiers/boarders, offering all the luxuries, safety and atmosphere that you could hope for. The staff has created an amazing ambience which makes for the perfect ski holiday. The guides were first-class and made our group of first-time heli-skiers very comfortable and excited about going out on the mountain everyday.” –Jason Gellert

So for your 2015 Alaska heli-skiing vacation, give us a call and let us create some memories that all of your friends back home won’t be able to compete with. To join in the fun next winter, book your trip here.

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