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GrindTV — Alaskan Lodge is First to Offer Heli-Biking in US

October 19, 2017

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Tommy Moe’s Alaskan lodge is first to offer heli-biking in US

Heli-biking in US – “It’s a great way to explore new terrain. Getting dropped off on mind-blowing spots with spectacular views is an amazing experience,” downhill skiing Olympic gold medalist and co-owner Tommy Moe tells GrindTV.

“The perspective of the terrain can be very deceiving from the helicopter. On your bike you realize the magnitude of the area. Helicopter is truly the only way to get to these locations,” Moe continues.

The resort, already known for its Alaska heli-skiing operation in 1.2 million acres of Alaskan wilderness with ski veterans and co-owners Mike Overcast and Mike Rheam, recently invested in the country’s first Aero Quick Design Release helicopter bike rack, which can transport fully assembled bikes.

“The rack is a game-changer. It allows us to take all the guests, guide, and bikes in one load to roam the range,” Moe says.

Biking is available for riders of all levels in this small mountain range in south-central Alaska, about 75 miles from Anchorage. Most rides take about two hours on average, but others are long as 10 miles and 4 hours. Some go on glacier ice and cinder and pumice volcanic deposits, and to alpine lakes.

“We are focusing on developing good cross country rides with defined drop-offs and pick-up points,” says Moe, who is intimately involved in both route-making and lead guiding.

“Tommy’s intimate knowledge of the Alaska range gives him a unique perspective on development and exploration of new sports and high-adrenalin activities,” Mike Overcast told GrindTV.

The exclusive adventure is open to groups of four riders July through September. There’s currently no waiting list for next year.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s posh riverside cabins with views of Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest peak, accommodate 8 to 12 people each and include private chefs, sauna, hot tub and massage services.

Rates are $1,000 per night or $6,600 for a seven-night package, which includes a round-trip floatplane between Lake Hood and Judd Lake, lodging, meals, professional guide services and all recreational equipment.

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