Journal | Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Winter Heli Skiing Testimonials

As we wrap up the Alaskan heli-skiing winter season here at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, we are happy that the memories of face shots and fresh lines will always remain etched in our memories. While we’re reminiscing and transitioning into our Cast and Carve and summer seasons, we thought we would share some testimonials from stoked guests.

Powder Skiing Tips

  These past few weeks in the Tordrillos have been going off! We’ve been skiing nothing but deep, blower powder...

Facts About the Tordrillo Mountains

Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains are so massive and span over one million acres, so to give you a better idea we’ve compiled a some interesting facts about the Tordrillo Mountains.

Alaska Fun Facts

Alaska is dubbed “The Last Frontier” for a reason. It is so diverse, wild, breathtaking and where we call home half...