Featured Guide: The Wild Wes Wylie | Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Featured Guide: The Wild Wes Wylie

March 17, 2014

Unofficial photographer at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, killer skier and expert guide, The Wild Wes Wylie hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada which is why it’s no surprise he’s more comfortable moving on skis than his own two feet. Growing up, Wes stuck to the Canadian Rockies where he fractured his right femur at the age of four. After a fractured femur most people would toss their skis and find a sport that poses less risk. Not Wes. He bounced back quickly and went back to exploring Alberta and British Columbia on skis.

Around the time when neon became all the rage – the 1980s – Wes ventured to Alaska where he spent four weeks climbing and skiing Mt. McKinley. After his four-week stint, Wes never looked back. Alaska was his utopia.

Not wasting anytime, Wes quickly performed the work needed to gain several heli guide certifications and spent 15 years in Valdez, Alaska guiding and promoting the ski industry. In ’88, Wes hooked up with Mike Overcast and Tommy Moe to ski the untouched Tordrillo Mountains and once again, never looked back. After receiving more certifications along with affiliations with CSGA, NSP Level III, Avalanche I and II and Guide Member of the US Heli-Ski Association, he took up Overcast’s offer to join the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge team.

Wes is a doctor who graduated from the University of Texas medical school and is certified in Advanced Trauma and Life support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and OEC, not to suggest that he’ll steer you into hairy terrain.

While Wes lives for blower powder and adrenalin rushes, he balances his extreme sports addiction with his physician career in Park City, Utah during the off season. As mentioned before, Wes is a great photographer and always seeks out the best shot. See the gallery of Wes’ images below.

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