Heli skiing YouTube videos: Visit the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge channel

We’re at the very end of October and we know that November and December are going to fly by! Winter 2015 heli skiing season in knocking on our door. To help build the excitement we post heli skiing YouTube videos on our YouTube page. Visit the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge YouTube channel to see heli skiing highlights as well as footage from Cast and Carve and Summer session.

Want to learn more about the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge experience? We have YouTube videos featuring gold medalist and Olympian, Tommy Moe. For many guests, heli skiing with America’s golden boy is a major highlight. Watch a video of Tommy Moe explaining why he loves Tordrillo Mountain Lodge so much, and then watch him crush a lip heli skiing in the Tordrillo Mountain Range. From watching the short videos, you’ll be able to see that we are all about having fun with our guest.

Enjoy this video of 4,000 foot descent in the Tordrillo Mountain Range:

In the Tordrillo Mountain Range, powder enthusiasts get their fill with runs that top out at 7,500 feet and end at 2,000 feet. With over 1.2 million acres of fresh snow, the heli skiing possibilities are truly endless.

Heli skiing YouTube
Visit the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge YouTube page to watch some heli skiing YouTube videos.

At Tordrillo Mountain Lodge we offer the best heli skiing in Alaska. Our world class guides want you to have the best heli skiing vacation possible. Visit the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge YouTube channel here to watch some heli skiing YouTube videos. Afterwards, contact us here to set up the heli skiing vacation of a lifetime.