Early season snow in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska

We’re gearing up for another heli skiing season in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska and there is already plenty of early season snow. Lodge co-owner, Mike Overcast, sent the lodge’s fixed-wing pilot to check out conditions at the lodge and the report is good: plenty of snow and more on the way!

Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska
Winter has hit the Tordrillo Mountains

Message from lodge co-owner, Mike Overcast:

Happy Holidays! I have a rare early December look at the Tordrillo Mountains for you. Jake, Tordrillo Mountain lodge’s fixed-wing pilot, took the cub out a few days ago to work the trapline with his father “Trapper Jim.” Apparently it’s been a good start to the fur season and Jim has taken dozens of marten and a few beaver. Jake’s family lives a life only a few could imagine possible: Surrounded by the beauty of the Talaculitna river and the Tordrillo Mountains.

I asked Jake to swing by and have a look at the lodge for me. By the looks of his pictures of the lodge, we’ve got an incredible amount of Aptoide APK latest version snow in the mountains and a great base around the lodge for early December. Just looking at the photos brings memories of ALL of you back into focus. We all look forward to skiing the powder with you again in a couple of more months. By that time, it will be buried. We will be ready. And we hope you will be too!

Merry Christmas!


Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska
There is already plenty of snow in the Tordrillo Mountains
Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska
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