Chef Brendan cooks for Ultimate Survival Alaska film crew

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge chef, Chef Brendan, recently had the opportunity to cook for National Geographic’s Ultimate Survival Alaska film crew. Chef Brendan is the lodge’s world-class private chef. He prepares guest meals using fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden in addition to fresh regional seafood and game.

The camp Chef Brendan lived at while preparing film crew meals for Ultimate Survival Alaska

While working for Ultimate Survival Alaska, Chef Brendan and the rest of the crew set up a functioning camp on Hayes Glacier in the Tordrillo Mountain Range. The cooking staff served over a thousand meals a week for three weeks. The staff cooked out of a large dome tent with prep tables, a dry storage rack, eight burners, and a charcoal grill. Chef Brendan would rise around 4:30 am for the day to get everything fired up. The cooking team prepared eggs, sausages, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee for breakfast. And for dinner they prepared entrees including smoked baby back ribs, grilled chicken, alaskan cod, whipped potatoes, and miso soup to name a few.

Ultimate Survival Alaska’s film crew on Hayes Glacier

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