Cast and Carve is a fisherman’s mecca

Our 2014 Cast and Carve season was amazing. We’ve been able to provide guests with unmatched experiences. Our guests get to ski corn snow under the midnight sun, go on wildlife tours, hike on glaciers, go river rafting, ride jet skis on Judd Lake and much more.

Now, fishermen, listen up. We’re lucky enough to be located at Judd Lake, which is full of multiple fish species. We can take a quick boat ride to the head of the lake where Talachulitna Creek runs in. That’s where we catch beautiful Dolly Varden, salmon, rainbow trout and more. Lower Talachulitna Creek starts just outside our front door, and within seconds of accessing it by foot our guests can catch greyling, silver salmon, rainbows and more. It’s world-class fishing literally in our front yard!

Fishing in our front yard at Cast and Carve

But one of the highlights to the Cast and Carve adventure is accessing the Talachulitna River’s best fishing holes via helicopter.

Let us walk you through a typical day. Guests wake up in their comfortable beds at the lodge and enjoy espresso and a gourmet breakfast. They put on their Patagonia waders and wading boots as the guides load Wright & McGill rods and reels into the heli basket. Our excellent chef compiles a picnic lunch complete with meats, cheeses, bread, veggies, desserts, fruit, snacks and beverages. Guests load into the helicopter, which is staged directly out the front door of the lodge.

One of the Cast and Carve highlights: heli-fishing

On the flight to the prime fishing spots, guests often see moose, bear and other wildlife. The terrain is so wild, it’s easy to see the necessity for a helicopter. When the heli sets down on the riverbank, our guides help guests choose the correct fly or lure to catch King salmon, leopard rainbow trout, greyling, char or other fish species. Then, it’s nothing but pure Alaskan fun as guests cast, catch and make memories. It’s all about variety out here. There are so many types of fish running throughout the summer and fall that there’s never a dull moment. Fishing industry leaders from all over the world have been here and they can vouch that we offer one of the best fishing experiences on the globe.

But don’t take their word for it—come see for yourself. We still have some spots open for our summer and fall fishing adventures, and it’s not too early to book for Cast and Carve 2015. Click here to visit out Dates & Reservations page.