The best things about spring in Alaska


Judd Lake thaws for spring fishing
You’ve seen the Polar Plunge during winter but by late spring the walls of the small “swimming hole” melt with the shores of Lake Judd leading the first signs of a great fishing season.



Bears wake up from hibernation
When in Alaska, everyone wants to spot a grizzly. As warmer temps draw bears from their dens, everyone heads to the heli for a little sky trekking. Not only do you spot bear and Alaska’s state animal – moose – views of the Tordrillo Range are gorgeous as the snow melts and everything turns green again.


Corn Skiing
Lose the puffy jacket and goggles, because the corn is calling. Lather up the sunblock, throw on your shades and t-shirt and take advantage of the corn snow by making slushy turns on a perfect sunny spring day.


Gardening season begins
Lodge manager, aka Den Mother Bret and chef Brendan welcome the annual thaw with open arms because they can dig out their shovels to start planting. All of the gorgeous flowers surrounding the lodge are Bret’s doing and the gourmet meals everyone loves to overindulge in, most of their ingredients come from the garden Brendan and Bret tend.


Summer is on its way
Most of the crew at the lodge are powder hounds–but for many, spring is just a stepping stone to the dog days of summer. Summer at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge equals heli fishing, wake and foil boarding, SUP boarding and heli hiking through the Alaska Range and beers on the deck.