Best Snow on Earth – Heli Skiing Alaska

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Best Snow on Earth – Heli Skiing Alaska

Many States and resorts in the United States try to make the claim of having the best snow on earth, but you’d be hard pressed to find better snow quality anywhere on the planet than Alaska. Many people think powder skiing is challenging because their only experience in powder is at their local ski resort when it is cut up with lots of tracks. This gives a very irregular surface and makes it more challenging to ski. No one can guarantee snow conditions, and mother nature is always mixing things up. Perfect snow can get wind affected and go from lightweight fluff into wind scoured Sastrugi.  For those of you not familiar with that term, it is a condition that puts grooves and ridges into the snow and make skiing a bit more challenging. What many people don’t realize about powder is that it is much easier to ski when it is fresh and un-tracked. This is really the whole point of heli skiing, to ski virgin un-tracked  snow and make your own fresh tracks. There is another key snow term that is illustrated in the attached photos and it’s “Blower”. This is when the snow is so light and fluffy it billows up and blows up around you.

Best snow on earth - heli skiing alasak

On days where the conditions are not epic, the guides always have ways of finding the best snow on any given day.



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