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Mountain Meetings Magazine: Most of us have only watched the Winter Games from afar, so getting a taste of where the world’s best athletes compete and train is a truly special experience for groups.

In tandem with the recent XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Korea, Mountain Meetings looks at the legacy the Olympic Winter Games have left in Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Calgary and Squaw Valley for meetings and events.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska 

Tommy Moe, the last American to win Olympic gold in downhill skiing, now coowns and operates a heli-skiing operation at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, which also offers salmon fishing in the summer along with helibiking and glacier hiking. Groups looking for an adventurous board retreat or executive meeting space away from the hustle of cities are tapping this exclusive outpost. There’s plenty of breakout space both indoors and out for groups of 16 or less.

TML Featured in Gearhungry List - 10 Luxury Resorts Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge included in Gearhungry List of 10 luxury resorts outdoor enthusiast will love.

An all-inclusive retreat designed for outdoor adventurers, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge fuses lavish accommodation with extreme sports that will excite any adrenalin junkie. In the summer, there’s salmon fishing, hiking and river trips to make the most of, while the winter offers up a whole new roster including snow hiking, fat biking, heli-skiing and a host of other cold-weather sports. When you’re not out in exploring Alaska’s incredible scenery, there’s fine dining to enjoy back at the resort as well as an on-site spa, saunas and hot tubs – the perfect way to warm up after being immersed in Alaska’s chilly climate. This amazing resort is fantastic year-round and is the perfect balance of luxurious touches and rustic elements.


CNN Travel Heli Biking Video Featuring Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Dropped off by helicopter, biking back to civilization

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CNN heli biking video

(CNN) — Anticipation builds as Joe and Francy Royer board the helicopter outside ofTordrillo Mountain Lodge, a luxury retreat about 60 miles west of Anchorage.
It's not just that they are about to swoop over south-central Alaska, which is prime moose and grizzly territory. They're also about to check Alaskan heli-biking off the bucket list.


Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: A chopper with bike racks attached to the sides flies you over wide open spaces and drops you and a guide off in a remote location. Within minutes, the Royers land on the side of Mount Susitna at about 3,500 feet above sea level. Their guide removes several fat-tire bikes from the chopper's racks and the group of four gears up with helmets, pads and gloves.

They start to pedal but find it's hard to focus on important things such as dodging rocks and executing turns. Why? The scenery is so darn distracting. The Tordrillo Mountain range dominating the backdrop includes an 11,000-foot volcano. There's open alpine tundra as far as the eye can see, wildflowers in full bloom and, of course, glaciers galore.

"Heli-mountain-biking with fat bikes opens up what was once completely inaccessible," says Overcast.

"By eliminating brushy approaches and going straight for the alpine tundra and cinder ash, we can get guests straight to the prize. The views alone make the trip."

CNN heli biking video
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Explore uncharted territory

Today the intrepid group is exploring miles of brushless terrain that has never been biked before, pedaling down smooth sections of firm tundra and alpine heather. It's an area reachable only by helicopter, and there are no signs of other humans on their journey.

"My thoughts were: If we had an issue, we would be hard to find," says Joe Royer. Those concerns are quickly squashed. Mike Overcast, their guide and part-owner of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, reassures them that he's invested heavily in communications. Tordrillo has radio repeaters that keep guides in touch with helicopters in the field and a microwave link that provides a dedicated data source faster than people enjoy in Anchorage.

The lodge also invested in a modern Aero Quick Design Release helicopter bike rack that transports bikes without having to disassemble them for flight.

In the summer of 2017, Tordrillo started offering the unusual excursion in Alaska. Fast forward to today, and it's still one of only a handful of companies around the world that offers heli-biking tours to the public. The heli-biking season runs from July through September. Once the snow starts piling up, usually by October, they switch to fat-tire snow biking.

Not just for the pros

Although heli-biking may sound like a daring excursion, it doesn't have to be. Riders who want a challenge can be dropped at 11,000 feet for a day-long adventure of dicey downhill routes. If you'd rather bike for a few hours on easier pathways, though, you can. Overcast says if you can ride a bike, you can do it.

"Riders can choose a descent or ascent of virtually any length or difficulty, making this experience perfect for anyone interested in mountain biking regardless of their level of skill or expertise," he says.

No matter which path you choose, you definitely earn bragging rights. And there are plenty of routes to choose from. Overcast says they are adding new ones all the time.
"There is so much out there," he says. "It will take decades to figure out."

That's because the amount of terrain still to be discovered and biked seems inexhaustible. The hotel has access to 70 miles by 40 miles of potential biking space.
"There are not enough days in the year to cover all this new ground," he adds. "Every time we go out, we are pointing out potential rides that we should check out."

What's next?

"We are on the dawn of a whole new wave of bikers, both with the remote heli-bike operations and the advent of full suspension electric bikes," Overcast says. "They are making what was once really difficult into a more mainstream sport." Many agree with him, including professional mountain biker Micayla Gatto.

"Heli-biking could definitely gain enough popularity to become as common as heli-skiing," Gatto says. She does, however, worry about the environmental impact of putting a bunch of humans into otherwise untouched areas just to go for a bike ride.

"I think if it is properly monitored, we respect the animals, and the terrain is kept as the number one priority, I think it could get quite popular as a luxury sport," she adds.

Earn your own bragging rights

The heli-biking excursion at Tordillo Mountain Lodge ranges from $500 to $1,000 per person, and these bike rides can last from one hour up to day-long excursions. (That's in addition to lodging rates starting at $1,280 per night.)

Heli-biking is offered July through September. Other summer excursions include ice climbing, wake surfing and heli-fishing. In the winter, there's heli-skiing, hiking and sky trekking.

Fishing Alaska Wilderness

Fishing Alaska Wilderness - Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Fishing Alaska Wilderness - Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

One of the most amazing experiences you can have at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is fishing Alaska Wilderness landscape with the guides at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. They are the best buddy you can ever have and they are knowledgeable about the rivers and the fish. Sometimes you are focused on casting for King Salmon, other times you pull out the fly rod and land some beautiful Rainbow Trout. The setting is serene and fishing is a meditation in nature. As top pro skier Amie Engerbretson says, "it's heaven on earth".



Late Night with Jimmy Fallon guest Sophia Bush talks about her Alaska outdoor adventures at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Sophia Bush shares her Alaskan Adventures with Jimmy Fallon

TML & Jimmy Fallon guest Sophia Bush reveals her awesome Alaska fishing images

Hollywood star actress Sophia Bush talks her awesome Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Alaska helicopter fishing adventures with Jimmy Fallon on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon talk show. Jimmy is amazed by her action shot images showing her and a friend fishing and catching their dinner.

Kings & Corn with Pro Skier Amie Engerbretson - Heli Skiing & Fishing Alaska

Join pro skier Amie Engerbretson on the trip of a lifetime, Kings & Corn"at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska. From skiing perfect corn to catching King Salmon all in a luxurious pristine wilderness setting.

Amie Engerbretson Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Amie Engerbretson Highlights a Great Alaska summer vacation

Ready for a great Alaska summer vacation and true Alaska summer adventure? Experience the wilds of Alaska in luxury at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Amie Engerbretson highlights what Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has in store for your Alaska summer vacation. Enjoy Alaska helicopter fishing, heli hiking, heli biking, lake-side water sports and more.  All while dining on Chef prepared farm to table fresh food and world class wines. Feature Article highlights TML's Alaska Summer Adventures

Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Unveils Summer Heli-Adventures

A mere 45-minute float plane ride from Anchorage, the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers true Alaska summer adventures.

It’s the type of off-the-beaten-path getaway that was once only accessible to the most adventurous of travelers.

Located in the heart of Alaska's Tordrillo Range within eyeshot of two 11,000-foot volcanoes and Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest peak at 20,320 feet, days at the property are spent wildlife viewing, participating in outdoor adventures and exploring of millions of acres of untouched Alaskan wilderness.

During the winter, the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is known for its heli-skiing and boarding offerings.

But summer includes equally intriguing opportunities for heli-adventures. The property has just unveiled its 2018 summer season offerings, which this year for the first time include helicopter mountain biking.

Lodge owners, Olympic gold medalist Tommy Moe and fellow heli-ski veterans Mike Overcast and Mike Rheam, have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to provide helicopter-access to millions of acres of fat tire mountain biking terrain for guests.

Riders can choose a descent or ascent of virtually any length or difficulty, making the experience accessible for all levels of skill or expertise. The helicopter mountain biking and camping excursions drop guests into the most spectacular parts of the Tordrillo Mountain Range with expert guides.

Sky trekking tours meanwhile take guests to Katmai and Denali National Parks and provide in-flight wildlife viewing of grizzly bears, moose, lynx and more.

Back at the lodge, which is located on the banks of Talachulitna River and Judd Lake, summer activities include stand-up paddle boarding, water skiing, wake surfing, fishing, kayaking and foil boarding. World-class fishing, glacial hiking, whitewater rafting and kayaking are additional options.

The luxe 5,600-square-foot lodge recently completed a $10 million renovation that involved upgrading guest amenities, adding new guest suites and updating baths. A new, larger dining area was also created.

The multi-million investment even included adding four private, Scandinavian-designed lakeside cabins to the property, which were flown into the resort by helicopter.

From July 5 through September 15, 2018, guests can book vacations at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge starting at $3,000 per person for two nights.

Packages include round-trip float plane flights from Anchorage's Lake Hood to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s Judd Lake, lodging, gourmet meals, professional guide services, exclusive Marmot gear and fishing equipment, yoga, access to the fitness center, copper hot tub overlooking the lake and a wood-fired sauna.

Groups of four guests or more visiting at least three days also receive a champagne welcome bottle, one massage, and one additional hour of helicopter time.

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Kayaking Alaska Summer Adventure Lodge

Experience "The Great Alone" - Alaska Tales

"The Great Alone" - A Story of Alaska by Kristin Hannah

This is a story for the ages, one that transcends all and tears at your heartstrings. The Great Alone is a story of a love affair with Alaska. The story grabs you right from the beginning and never disappoints. The character development is superb, and the biggest character is the state of Alaska. I predict that most finish this novel and not be able to sleep until they have booked an Alaska Adventure.

I can see why after only a month in publication, Sony's TriStar Pictures purchased the movie rights to this amazing story. Kristin Hannah's last novel, "The Nightingale" sold over 2 million copies and was published in 43 different languages.

This is a story set in 1974 when a Vietnam Vet comes home a changed and volatile man. A fellow Vet had left instructions that if anything happened to him, he wanted his tiny cabin in Alaska to go to his buddy Ernt. The family moves to Alaska and lives in a tiny town "off the grid" learning to survive the "The Great Alone". This is the story of a land that changed their lives forever.

The Great Alone



Kayaking Alaska Summer Adventure Lodge

Kayaking - Alaska Summer Adventure Lodge

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is a paradise for all who are looking to enjoy water sports such as kayaking at the best Alaska Summer Adventure Lodge.  The menu of water sports activities is long at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, but nothing beats a kayak around Judd Lake right in front of the lodge and cabins or on waterways that run right into glacial runout.

The peace and exhilaration of kayaking at Tordrillo's Alaska Summer Adventure lodge is one of the high points of any visit. Glassy water with snow-covered mountain reflections is a painter and photographer's dream. The only sounds come from the surrounding nature and your paddling becomes a meditation with fluid strokes gliding you and your small craft forward. It is the perfect way to take in the surrounding flora and fauna and get in tune with the rhythms of the Alaskan wilderness.