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Tordrillo Range, Alaska

Summer in Alaska.

Alaska Helicopter Fishing at it’s Best.

Guest Enjoys Helicopter Fishing in Alaskan Waters

Alaska helicopter fishing is a unique and great way to find the perfect spot to cast your line. Spending summer in Alaska isn’t all about hiking, trekking, and swimming. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers an exciting and challenging activity every family or group member will enjoy. Prepare to cast your fishing rod and reel because we will explore the best fishing holes in the Tordrillo Mountains.

The Tordrillo Mountains are home to many rivers and streams, which serve as sanctuaries to a variety of freshwater species. Aboard a helicopter, it will only take a few minutes to reach some of the richest fishing holes in this remote area in Alaska. We don’t own these Alaskan rivers, but thanks to the access granted by helicopter fishing, we might as well. In almost 20 years of heli fishing these streams, we still rarely compete with other anglers when fishing by helicopter for all five species of Pacific Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic char, and Grayling. Our guides pride themselves in staking out territory that is so remote, that without their inside knowledge, these locations are impossible to find.

Each hole we fish is accessible by helicopter only, so you’ll never compete for shoulder room–or fish. Instead of racing out to the fishing grounds in the morning, enjoy a leisurely breakfast before we load up and choose a hole to helicopter fish based on what’s running at various drainages and streams. If nothing’s hitting, we’re onto the next spot, because we don’t call it fishing–we call it catching.

Fishing and Skiing

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge provides great options when it comes to summer adventure activities. You can fish and go Alaska heli skiing in remote locations around the lodge or go heli hiking. We give you the chance to discover the beauty of nature and experience the good things the Tordrillo mountain ranges have to offer. After a tiring day of walking, fishing, or skiing, come home to a luxurious Alaska fishing lodge and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. You need a restful sleep so you can have enough energy for the next day’s activities.

Enjoy fishing in Alaska with our knowledgeable and experienced guides. Contact us today to inquire about our service packages and book an accommodation.

When to Fish Alaskan Fish Species

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