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Tordrillo Range, Alaska

Alaska Production Support

Alaska Film Location Scouting

Alaska Location Scouting

Possessing some of the most wild and rugged landscapes on the globe, Alaska is home to a variety of magnificent physical backdrops that you will not find anywhere else. The number of location opportunities can prove overwhelming to those not familiar with the territory. Alaska Mountain Studio’s familiarity with the state’s remote geographical landscape has made us the unrivaled choice when deciding upon Alaska location scouting support. We can help you scout the perfect setting for your Alaska film production.

While we at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge make no secret of our affinity for the mountains, Alaska Mountain Studio is as comfortable on the water as we are in the mountains. Our expansive repertoire of rivers and creeks is easily and efficiently navigated with the industry’s most qualified backcountry guides and first-rate equipment.

Unlike other Alaska production support operations, with Alaska Mountain Studio you will not have to deal with the hassles of acquiring access permits. Not only is our base of operations private with the surrounding lands belonging to the Alaska Department of Natural Resource, we are conveniently permitted without restriction for all lands for use with helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Our team is renowned for pioneering more new terrain than anyone in Alaska, and for staking out territory that is so remote without our knowledge many of these locations would be impossible to find. Let us help you in your discovery of Alaska’s awe-inspiring beauty.