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Tordrillo Range, Alaska

Alaska Production Support

Film Production in Alaska

The Alaska Motif

The state of Alaska offers an unparalleled variety of photographic backdrops for film production in Alaska. At 572,000 square miles, Alaska features 10 thousand active glaciers, 1.2 million acres of mountain terrain, 33 thousand miles of coastline and 198 thousand square miles of forest, our state has it all.

However, with land that is as rugged as it is expansive, film production projects in Alaska require the ability to manage logistics and safety in the most remote of locations. At Alaska Mountain Studio, we understand the challenges posed by our unique environment and have unrivaled experience coordinating successful backcountry encounters.

Alaska Mountain Studio specializes in the following support for up to 40 crew (click the links to learn more):

Alaska Film Credit

Did you know that Alaska offers a variety of incentives that make it an ideal production location from a financial perspective as well as from an aesthetic one. First off, Alaska has no income or sales tax, which is a budgetary perk on it own, however the state offers an incentive program designed to support film production in Alaska.

The “Alaska Film Production Incentive Program” is a state sponsored economic development initiative where applicants can qualify for up to 58% in a transferable tax credit on qualified production expenditures in Alaska. With up to $200 million available and a minimum spend of only $75,000, most projects can qualify.

Credit Value Requirements
Base Credit 30% Ground spend expenditures made in Alaska receive the base 30 percent credit.
Alaska Resident Wages 50% Wages paid to Alaska residents receive an additional 20 percent credit for a total of 50 percent.
Rural Location +6% Production expenditures made in a rural area receive an added 6 percent credit.
Seasonal +2% Production expenditures made between Oct. 1 and Mar. 30 receive an added 2 percent credit.
Maximum Possible Credit 58% Portions of a production with an Alaska crew, filmed in rural Alaska between October and March.

For more information visit Alaska’s Film Production Incentive Program’s official website.