A day of Paddle boarding and Spring Heli Skiing in Alaska

Spring Heli Skiing in Alaska


I enjoy relaxing by a mountain lake and i love spring heli skiing in Alaska. So for me, spring or early summer is the best time of year to experience Alaska. And not just because i’m the publisher of SNOW Magazine and its the only time i have a chance to experience Alaska (wink). The real reason is because It allows time to enjoy so many different activities. And many you can do all in the same day! Of coarse day never ends in Alaska this time of year but hey, you get my meaning. And i really enjoy the corn..no not the kind you eat, i mean corn snow skiing.

Alaska Heli skiing in spring and early summer means the consistency of the snow is kinda like corn. When skiing corn snow, you want to go out when the snow gets to that perfect creamy consistency. That means some days while waiting on the sun to heat the snow just right, you can grab a paddle board and go out for a spin around the lake. The setting is absolutely sublime. It is relaxing and like a moving meditation.

You don’t have to be an experienced paddler, especially in the am when the lake is like glass. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has oversized paddle boards that are perfect for beginners. If you start your day by going out heli skiing, then you can go out on the lake in late afternoon and it is just as nice.

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