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Tordrillo Range, Alaska

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Pioneering still exists in the Tordrillos. The size of our permit area dwarfs all other locations, providing you an unparalleled Alaska Wilderness Lodge experience. Together, heli ski guides and guests explore the Alaska Range, one of the state’s largest and most geographically diverse mountain ranges. Experience Alaska heli skiing and boarding terrain delivers a choice of massive glaciers, couloir-incised peaks and soft powder turns. Descend some of the most outstanding heli ski terrain on and around nearby volcanic peaks Mount Gerdine (11,258 feet) and Mount Torbert (11,413 feet).

Consistent snowfalls result in one of the deepest snow packs in the area. The Tordrillo Range is also known for stable weather conditions and clearing trends, which offer ideal opportunities for the helicopter activities. As the most experienced heli ski operator guiding the Tordrillos, we continue to grow our expertise in the same way we always have–by finding our comfort level, then pushing it just a little further. A-star B3 helicopters, lodge-based ski planes, weather stations, fixed repeater sites, satellite phones, fuel depots and GPS navigation allow us to continually uncover new areas of Alaska’s winter snowscape. We invite you to be part of the discovery!